DIY Mother’s Day Bouquets with Martha Stewart

I’ve recently been picked up as a resident expert with Martha Stewart. They’ve asked Botany and Co to participate and submit tried and true content for their readers. You can see my profile hereΒ .

When the gals at Martha Stewart asked me for some inspiration for their readers this month, my mind jumped to Mother’s Day. What better way to show her you care than to make something with your own two hands?

In this beginner’s DIY tutorial I’ve used a palate of soft pink and peaches, whites, and creams offset with celadon green foliage. My favourite part about this is the containers – I’ve used vintage Fire King mugs in that irresistible jadeite green.

I worked with amazing visionary and professional wedding photographer Nadia, of Nadia Hung Photography to create this casually elegant set of photos. I adore the soft colouring, and honesty in the photographs of the process.

Visit the link to the full article on Martha Stewart for more! Thanks for reading.




Lollipop Cactus


Wanted to share my favourite plant at the moment. Lollipop Cactus (or Gymnocalycium mihanovichii friedrichii) is my favourite living specimen at the moment.

The colorful bulbs on the top vary from yellow, orange, coral, pink to red! They are wonderful to design with and add a super tropical feel to any container garden.


Lollipop cactus are very easy to care for and require filtered sunlight, watering once every 2 months, and keep their fluorescent bulbs all year round. They can easily be cared for in a container garden.



September Sunshine

September Sunshine

Good morning!

Autumn is upon us, I can smell it in the air. I wanted to share a lovely casual bridal bouquet from last season. To me it perfectly blends the floral season transition from summer to fall.

I just love using silver foliage to enhance the natural, soft yellows in this palette. Silvers and greys are neutral shade (like black or white) and can be used to showcase the gorgeous prominent blooms in the arrangement. They also add a cute flocked – fuzzy texture!

Have a great day! Xx


Coral + Sea


Ocean inspired, this bouquet is one of my favourites. Whites, soft peaches, corals, accented with pops of sea green succulents. This bridal arrangement came together so organically. With such a beautiful palette; how could it not?! My bride was so pleased with her flowers. She plans to root and nurture the cut succulents from the bouquet as a sentiment from her wedding day. Congratulations Kim + Don!